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What You Can Expect This Year

Updated August 2023

This is my ninth year on staff at Burroughs. It is my pleasure to work with you in helping your second-grader become the best she/he can be. I've been teaching in Minneapolis since 1996 and have taught grades1-3, but the majority of those years was with 2nd grade. I have worked as an instructional coach (Reading First), a mentor teacher (TAP), and conducted workshops at the state level for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. I received both my BS and MEd from the University of Minnesota.  

Second grade will bring about massive changes in your little one. It is an incredible year of academic, social, emotional, and physical growth. The skills and habits your child learned in previous years really begin to bloom in second grade. Through hands-on learning experiences, an emphasis on logical reasoning and critical thinking, the development of stronger speaking and listening skills, and use of inquiry-based work in math and science, students will build upon the foundations of reading, writing, thinking, and computation they worked so hard on in years past.


My commitment to you is to provide a physically and psychically safe environment in which your child will learn to discover and develop hidden gifts, take risks in communicating with others, assume responsibility for his/her own learning, and apply the necessary citizenship skills they'll need to help them be confident and competent in our increasingly global community. 

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